Partner Story - Brett Stockley from Pretty Pollution

On the BC Platform…

What do your clients like about using BC?

We LOVE Business Catalyst and so do our clients! Pretty Pollution provides solutions for medium to large sized business seeking results rather than just a website. We find Business Catalyst perfect for their needs.

At Pretty Pollution New York and Sydney, we focus on fundamental digital marketing strategies such as :

The Adobe Business Catalyst CMS has all the tools that allow us to accomplish this. And the reports to allow us to come back and measure Return On Investment so we can continue to work with the client by developing new strategies, and measuring the results afterwards.

Pretty Pollution's favorite Business Catalyst report is the Google Search Phrase report. We utilize that data to further optimize and enhance client websites – they love this extra attention to detail. Within a few minutes our Marketing Manager can see exactly what is, and isn't working on a client's website.

Our clients love ranking on the first page in Google – who doesn't! So when Pretty Pollution implements websites, we ensure extra time and care is invested to make sure our websites are built to be Search Engine friendly as well as easy to update and manage. There are lots of techniques that make this happen and the Business Catalyst System is very compliant.

How is developing on BC different from your previous development process?

Pretty Pollution chooses Business Catalyst as our preferred CMS because it caters for the variety of requests our clients have. Pretty Pollution's Creative Agencies are located in both America and Australia (to give us round the clock support and training to our customers and other Business Catalyst Partners), so having one system that both agencies work in simplifies the process, and lessens the confusion of multiple logins acorss multiple systems. Business Catalyst has a single login solution to access every website and every marketing tool.

Pretty Pollution has been Partnered with Business Catalyst since 2005. We're actually the longest standing and one of the most experienced partners worldwide, and as a result we've worked the BC system hard. Our development teams are Business Catalyst specialist developers, and have been able to provide some pretty funky solutions that work well, and deliver to client expectations. When it comes to difficult jobs, Pretty Pollution has the experience to help

What are the strengths of BC compared to other systems?

In the mid sized enterprise space - there's rarely an engagement where Adobe Business Catalyst is not appropriate. It provides a complete package of website management, ecommerce, CRM, email marketing, reporting and analytics, without extensive system integration activities.

When clients choose Business Catalyst they get continuous system updates as part of the package. Our early clients who have been hosting with Business Catalyst for over 7 years still get free access to the latest updates and features as they get released. This keeps the functionality current, the costs down and the usability relevant to contemporary web practice.

In Pretty Pollution's experience - once you go BC - you won't go back!

On Being a BC Partner…

What are your favorite aspects of the Partner Program, and why?

There will always be client management duties but the Partner Portal eases the pain of administration, helping keep our website portfolio on track and management tasks up to date!

Looking back, how do you feel about your decision to become a BC Partner?

Pretty Pollution took a gamble based on a recommendation. We experimented with one website, then two, then three. It's been a gamble that's paid off! After over 7 years, Business Catalyst is now intrinsic to the Pretty Pollution offering.

How has BC helped you grow your design business?

Our business is in an intensive growth phase. We have recently relocated to larger premises with harbour views, have doubled our staff and turnover in less than two years, and are meeting more clients through word of mouth, referrals and web search than ever before. We've also opened a full service Creative Agency in Manhattan New York. Great design and fantastic processes are at the heart of what Pretty Pollution offers our clients. We give our clients a great image, backed by successful systems including Business Catalyst.

What makes Pretty Pollution different?

We partner with our clients, getting to understand their business and their goals. Being a Marketing Agency (not just a company that makes websites) allows us to really push the tools of Business Catalyst to ensure we get, and measure the results of our marketing for the companies we work with. We also offer full services including (branding and print). It makes Pretty Pollution a very attractive option for clients seeking a Premium BC Partner to align with. The Business Catalyst solution has contributed to that growth through its reliability and product relevance!

Show Us Some of Your Work on BC…


Shilla approached Pretty Pollution after hearing about the outstanding work Pretty Pollution has been doing in Business Catalyst. The website was built in another CMS. Shilla required something more striking, better functionality and control. They also required some customized features that aren't included by default in Business Catalyst (an area that Pretty Pollution excels in).

The website needed to look exceptional, so we worked with our photography team to moodboard photoshoots to compliment the seasonal collections. Every 3 months we revisit the design, which includes a photo shoot on location. Then the website is refreshed, new products uploaded, new media items updated and a newsletter blasted to all subscribed members.

Shilla has had a very positive response to the website and are thrilled with the feedback from clients. We went on to design and develop several project for the business

Testimonial: "The new website looks AMAZING!! We have sent it to all our agents and customers and they are all very impressed! All the guys at Pretty Pollution have been great and most helpful during this whole process – thank you"

Vegan Online

Vegan Online is a start-up business aimed at educating and fulfilling the gap in quality vegan food online. Vegan Online was referred to Pretty Pollution as a premium Business Catalyst Partner offering advanced Business Catalyst websites and Ecommerce solutions. As the business was a start-up business the initial task was to design a brand / identity design, the brand was then rolled out to the website, stationery, business cards, promotional and marketing collateral and assets, uniforms, email marketing etc.

Week after week Vegan Online experiences more traffic, and more sales. Vegan Online continues to work with Pretty Pollution to come up with new ideas and new marketing techniques to further grow the business and test new waters. We went on to design and develop several projects for Vegan Online -

Testimonial: "I cannot put into words how excited we are that Vegan Online now has such a professional and easy to use website. I must say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Pretty Pollution for producing such a superb website"

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness received an Email Marketing Campaign that Pretty Pollution designed for another client of ours "Aussie Homeloans". They liked it so much they approached us to manage their email marketing strategy on an ongoing monthly arrangement. Each month Pretty Pollution works with Anytime Fitness Marketing Team to design and blasts out over 160,000 emails to their members. Then we measure and report back to Anytime Fitness the results.

Australian Arab Chamber of Commerce

An area that Pretty Pollution is very good at is Paid Membership and Subscription websites. Pretty Pollution first went through a comprehensive branding exercise to establish a new identity and brand for the existing business. Pretty Pollution then used Business Catalyst to develop a website that sells Membership Subscriptions online with Reoccurring automated payments. This approach drastically reduced staff overheads and increased membership retention. The website offers a variety of membership options at different pricing and encourages membership by offering special benefits to logged in members and a comprehensive Business Directory for members to promote their own services through the website. Event and Function bookings are also sold online along with a raft of other cool features.

Pretty Pollution has a lot of experience with Membership based websites and has successfully helped many companies including; the Australian Institute of Export and the British Chamber of Commerce as well as many others to increase their membership retention by implementing automated reoccurring billing on memberships. We have integrated many challenging custom options, extending Business Catalyst to cater for the needs of our clients.

Thank you, Brett! You can find out more about Pretty Pollution and what their clients had to say about their work at or