Jason Tinnin from Simpleflame 

On the BC Platform…

What do your clients like about using BC?

Everything is all wrapped up in one simple package! There is no other system, that I am aware of, that contains the same level of functionality and ease of use. Our clients appreciate how everything is all integrated together. They have tossed out the 10 different passwords on the post-it note under their keyboard (everyone keeps it there, right?) in exchange for a single sign on. The days of 10 systems with 10 passwords all hack-jobbed together to create this mammoth maintenance nightmare of a website are gone.

How is developing on BC different from your previous development process?

BC was a cinch to get up and running. We’ve been able to pull off some pretty incredible functionality using technologies like jQuery and other JavaScript frameworks. BC is just like any other system, if you invest time to learn it, you will do just fine. From a design perspective, it doesn’t handcuff you to design in boxes like other systems.

What are the strengths of BC compared to other systems?

Everything is fully integrated. You can’t really compare it to another system because there is nothing else like it in the marketplace.... its truly unique.

On Being a BC Partner

What are your favorite aspects of the Partner Program, and why?

We have been able to establish a significant recurring income model using BC’s commission structure. Since we also offer support services on top of our BC hosting offering, we are able to mark up our the standard BC fees to create an incredible source of consistent income every month. It equates to one less project we don’t have to track down and close each month.

Looking back, how do you feel about your decision to become a BC Partner?

It completely changed our business. We win almost every piece of business we pitch. BC helps us beat everyone on two important components; features and price. Now that Adobe has entered the mix, creditability is a huge selling point as well. We would do it again and pay double for it if we had to.

How has BC helped you grow your design business?

We grew our business by 320% in the first year alone. Another important factor is not re-inventing the wheel for every new project that comes in. This means that you can focus on a platform that offers many solutions instead of forcing your development team to learn a brand new technology on a per project basis.

Show Us Some of Your Work on BC…

Hollyburn Properties

Hollyburn Properties, A Canadian Property Management Company, was looking for a website platform that they could manage with a holistic approach to a handful of unique business logic.

BC’s integrated platform was a perfect fit for this client. We utilized the workflows and CRM to manage leads for numerous building managers across 3 main provinces in Canada, created custom web apps for Residential property listings, a testimonial web app that displays based on classified properties, and an image-based background that displays scenery for a defined province that is contingent upon the page visited. We also created an enhanced apartment search based on numerous criteria. Hollyburn has been an extremely wonderful client, which truly understands and utilizes all that BC has to offer.

JC Grason

Chris Graham, founder of JC Grason approached SimpleFlame with a website design and development project for his financial services company.

After understanding the business need for his franchising company, SimpleFlame utilized Business Catalyst’s replication tool to launch a handful of franchise offices. Part of Chris’ concern was disconnected messaging. We were able to utilize an API that calls in the content for specified pages that are “locked down”. Now, each office can manage their website, and Chris rests assured that the business messaging remains consistent. We are fortunate to work with Chris and his growing franchises.


Bill Prenatt approached SimpleFlame with a web business idea around a subscription-model of digital assets. As an RFP project, between a handful of different CMS platforms, Business Catalyst was the winning solution because of the integrated platform and tested execution of a similar business model, Kiyuco. This networking business ultimately deployed a successful membership-based website around Expert Articles and Events utilizing custom search capabilities, an Expert bios web app tied to Articles, blogs and workflows using javascript and classifications, and a secure zone around a membership of articles and videos, with an Affiliates program.

Thank you, Jason! You can find out more about Simpleflame and what their clients had to say about their work at http://www.simpleflame.com